European Unions

European Unions (the economic association of over two dozen European countries which search to create a united, barrier free market for products and services throughout the continent, as well as a common currency with a united authority over that currency).

The European Unions and its followers and supporters believe that their project of an ever more united Europe has brought us many benefits. They claim that the EU has played significant political role both in maintaining serenity in Europe after centuries of war and in providing a centre of constancy on the continent that has promoted social equality and liberty, at first for countries emerging from despotism like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain often colloquially referred to as the PIGS and then for those escaping from communalism, the BEES, Baltic and eastern European states. They preserve that the EU's internal market has busted borders, allowing the gratis movement of people and goods, boosting monetary growth and opulence. And they are persuaded that EU policies on farming, customer/consumer protection and the environment have helped to provide us high-quality food, safer products or goods and fresher air and cleaner water.

However, many other people are starting to question the actions, principles and direction of the European escapade. They assert that it is NATO, the threat of Soviet incursion during the Cold War and widen of democracy rather than the European Union that have reserved peace in Europe. They point to the constant stream of examples of EU egotism, over-regulation, secrecy and deception to suggest that we are ruled by inexplicable, useless, fraudulent, self-serving elite. And some even pledge to a view generally attributed to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that we are, possibly innocently are creating the Soviet Union in Western Europe.

One of the basic principles of the European Union is the free movement of commodities between Member States. Thus, Member States are forbidden from striking any restriction on imports or exports might hinder the free movement unless EC Law allows it. The European Union's Institutions through their instruments and law policies struggle to develop a free commercial network that does not undergo from custom duties, quantitative limitations, or other charges having corresponding effect on imports or exports.  So before you book your moving PODS, be sure to understand the basic principles.



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